Being active has always played an important role in my life. Growing up, I participated in hockey, baseball, field lacrosse, track, and cheerleading, just to name a few. More recently I discovered a passion for rock-climbing, hiking, trail running and biking.

At age 19, I was confronted with some hard challenges within my body that lead me to really question where my future was headed as an athlete.

When my performance in sport seemed to be on a consistent downhill slide, I started to seek out specialists to try to manage my body that seemed to be falling apart. I knew something wasn’t right when getting out of bed in the morning started to feel like a chore, and my 90 year old grandmother moved better than I did.

What I didn’t realize was that high intensity training was more of a detriment to my body’s health than a benefit.

As I started seeking answers, I felt isolated and misunderstood as I was passed from one specialist to another who suggested that my lack of progress was my fault. They stated “you didn’t do your exercises” or “you’re just making up symptoms” or “you’ll just have to cope with this.

Thankfully, I discovered MAT and was able to reduce my muscle pain and discomfort, which allowed me to get back to the activities I loved doing. More importantly, it restored my faith in my body’s ability to perform at a high level.

After seeing first-hand what a difference MAT made in my life, I decided to make it my life quest to help others get back to good health and enjoy their favorite activities.

My passion is to help anyone who was active or is currently active that has been experiencing setbacks due to compensation patterns that have led to stiffness, loss of range, or debilitating pain.

Together, we can develop a training regime that’s based on quality not quantity.

As of June 2015 I completed my Masters in MAT, and I am currently practicing at Active Sports Therapy (AST).