What is MAT?

Muscle Activation Technique re-establishes the proper neuromuscular function in our bodies by getting muscles to fire more efficiently.

Who is MAT for?

Everyone. MAT is beneficial for everyone from elite athletes to rehabilitation patients. We treat active adults looking to maintain a healthy body as well as children looking to develop their skills in a variety of sports.

Why would MAT help me?

MAT evaluates an individual’s ability to produce efficient muscle contractions. Loss of muscle contractions leads to decreased range of motion therefore affecting physical performance.

Grab a water bottle. Twist open the top using your hands. Now take away one finger and perform the same task, and repeat it again taking away 2 fingers. Keep repeating this drill until you can only use your palms. You can see how a simple task becomes infinitely harder as your function is increasingly compromised. Your body works the same way! With less muscles participating effectively participating, your day to day tasks become more difficult. MAT helps you restore your ability to utilize all your muscles to their best capabilities.

How does MAT work?

Range of Motion – comparing you to you, asymmetries in ranges indicate potential areas where muscles may not be firing as efficiently as they could be.

Muscle Test – indicates which muscles have decreased contractibility.

Muscle Palpation – precise force is applied to the muscle attachment points, to restore the muscle’s efficiency. After these palpations, the muscle test is done again to see if the muscles’ ability to fire appropriately is returned.

Where can I book an appointment?

Call Active Sports Therapy at 403-278-1405
Suite#220-9950 Macleod Trail SE Calgary AB

For more information on MAT visit muscleactivation.com/faq/